The Future of Digital Advertising

In the new opt-in world, making consent a promise, brands and publishers will earn the priceless commodity of trust. Only then can ads be a valuable and welcome part of consumers’ digital life.

Who we are

Prism are the champions of consumer consent, because we have access to some of the most identifiable data to help our customers get a clear view of consumer behaviour.

Consent as a promise, trust as a reward

In the digital advertising future, consumers will trust ads to be a seamless and complementary part of their opt-in digital experience.

What we do

Prism’s technology uses first-party data to create a better relationship between carriers, publishers and advertisers.

Our ad compliance technology provides a system for a better digital and advertising experience that benefits everyone, including consumers.

Monetise data and optimise consumer experience

Taking source data directly from carriers we segment and refine this for different audiences. And ultimately, that means consumers will enjoy a much better experience on their digital devices.

How we do it

We’re the smart filter, guardian of good data, upholder of compliant ads, custodian of consumer consent and provider of gold-standard information that matters.

Get gold standard data

Because we are at the centre of the data flow, we can offer publishers and advertisers the most authenticated consumer data identities.

These are profiles in glorious technicolour: only Prism takes full spectrum of data and reveals the “true colours” of valuable consumer behaviours.

Work with us

We are proudly neutral - we work with other players across the whole digital technology advertising and telecommunications ecosystem.

Prism solutions
for Carriers

Monetise your data; turn the gold-standard information that flows through your infrastructure into a stream of revenue with Prism.

  • The technology you need for a faster, safer, cleaner web service for your customers
  • Make online advertising that meets industry and regulatory standards a seamless, welcome part of your users’ digital life
  • Benefit from our whole-market insights into how to open up new revenue opportunities from your data

To find out more about Prism’s Gateway, Insights and Verification solutions, contact us at

Prism solutions
for Brands and Advertisers

Get highly valuable first-party data direct from carriers, enriched and authenticated through Prism’s technology.

  • Pre-campaign launch, optimise your media spend and ROI on creatively compliant ads
  • Use ultra-precise targeting to connect to a receptive audience
  • Post-campaign, analyse creative performance and effectiveness of your ads

To find out more about Prism’s Gateway, Insights and Verification solutions, contact us at

Prism solutions
for Publishers

Protect your revenue, select better partners for your content and optimise your readership’s online experience.

  • Grow your revenue by increasing yield: move from volume selling to fewer, higher-value sales
  • Monetise your content with highly valuable custom audiences for brands
  • Audit your performance via simple dashboard technology, for a better end-user experience and revenue growth

To find out more about Prism’s Gateway, Insights and Verification solutions, contact us at

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